About Us

Since 2001, we serve the community with our expertise in sourcing and installing removable pre-fabricated house, storage cabinet, canvas awning, outdoor tents, outdoor furniture, barbecue grill, and kid’s furniture, etc. We serve our customers with high-quality, within budget and on time.

We source our goods from all over the world. We are the sole agent YODOKO Steel Company of Japan for pre-fabricated house and storage cabinet. Our pre-fabricated, insulated house could be used as movable attics, suitable for the squeezed environment in Hong Kong. Furthermore, our storage cabinet provides an excellent facility to accommodate those overcrowded items. The quality of our canvas awning is beyond questioning as the raw materials are from Italy and Spain. Our outdoor table set, sun-umbrella and barbeque grill, coming from Italy and other European countries, are designed for durability and easy cleaning, suitable for garden or rooftop.

We have a wide range of customer bases, including general consumer, private sector, local school, and many various government department. We have two branch offices in Tai Wai and Sheung Wan, over twenty vehicles to serve our customers throughout Hong Kong. Moreover, we provide complete training to our service technicians. We continue to improve ourselves to meet the high-quality needs of our customers.

Last but not least, customer referrals form the integral part of our business. Your satisfaction is our commitment!