D Y Shade

GENERAL Shade SystemsTM products are designed and manufactured to the most exacting specifications by skilled craftsmen, and certified by Professional Engineers for structural soundness of designs. All Shade Systems are shipped knocked-down, with complete assembly instructions, and ready for easy in-field installation.
MATERIAL All materials shall be structurally sound and appropriate for safe use. Product durability shall be ensured by the use of corrosion-resistant metals such as stainless steel, and coatings such as zinc-plating, galvanizing, and powder-coating on steel parts, subject to the Project-Specific requirements below. Fabrics used shall include UV-stabilizers and fire retardants for longevity and safety.
Knitted of monofilament and tape construction high density polyethylene with Ultra Violet (U.V.) stabilizers and flame retardant. UV-Block Factor varies by standard color offered from 91% to 99%.

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